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Do you have access to Internet and want to get Higher Education?

CHOOSE DISTANCE EDUCATION, even if there is no university in your town or your job doesn’t let you attend a higher educational institution regularly.

The use of computer in education and constant communication with a qualified teacher with the help of telecommunication technologies, purposeful elaboration of Internet resources will ensure your high achievements. When studying at home or at your workplace it WILL SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON GETTING TO THE UNIVERSITY.

Full methodical equipment on electronic bearers will let you SPARE ON BUYING TEXTBOOKS.

THE EDUCATIONAL FEE 10% LESS than at the corresponding faculty of the University (traditional study).


How is the educational activity of the student who studies Distantly Organized?

A student gets access to educational-methodical materials on the server of the distance education of the University . These are lecture materials with references to Internet resources, training tests, computer trainers, assignments for written works and thematic chats.

During the academic year (September — May) a student works with the given materials and cooperates with his teacher. Physical place of student’s location during this time does not matter. He can work using his computer and Internet at home, at work or elsewhere. A student can work at an educational-consulting centre of the University according to the place of his residence. A teacher represents current educational progress of a student, proceeding from his online working models and written assignments from the site of distance education.

Credit-examinational session for the distance studying students is carried out through the personal meeting of an examiner and a student on the basis of the University or its structural subdivision in regional centers and regions.

Pay attention! A student comes to the University (its branch) only once a year in May-June for session control. Compare that the correspondent students have to come to the University for session-consultations 4 times a year.

We will be glad to answer your questions and discuss the conditions of cooperation.